The Art of Pop #1.

A series of mainstream pop songs, as curated by myself and @danielsargeant.

Yes, I know these songs are/were popular. What I’m saying is that they are also good.

#1 –  ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears. Now, Ms. Spears has made some of the most ear-splittingly bad music of the last decade. ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ can rightly be considered a blight on our society. But like your broken clock or theoretical communism, under the right circumstances her dance pop just fucking worked. Case in point: 2003’s ‘Toxic’, a frighteningly catchy track with a brilliant hook. The lyrics are bad boy love boilerplate, but the production by Swedish pop svengalis Bloodshy & Avant is remarkably spare. I mean this song is made great by VIOLINS. How cool is that?


One response to “The Art of Pop #1.

  1. The cover of Toxic on Mark Ronson’s CD VERSION blows it out of the water.

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