‘Meetin WA’ by Jean-Luc Godard.

Shot around the time of Godard’s King Lear, which Allen had a small part in.


2 responses to “‘Meetin WA’ by Jean-Luc Godard.

  1. The two blackbirds can never come together. Godard really has nothing to say to Allen, and vice-versa. More than talk, they listen to the other; two people with opposite artistic goals from vastly different traditions observing one another like curious alien creatures meeting for the fist time – the avant-garde French hypotheticist (I suddenly wonder if he can even be called a filmmaker?) and the Freudian American dramatist.
    Good one.

  2. No really. Why the Godard hate. Because someone has developped ideas about a form, doesnt make them lesser filmmakers. films are still being made. the work is still being done. even if it’s over your head.

    And Woody is not Freudian but Jungian.

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