Jean Douchet’s cinephile call to arms.

Craig Keller has posted a translation of Jean Douchet’s recent manifesto Notre combat. A big top of the hat to him, because the essay is vital reading in the cinematic landscape of today. A snippet:

The new revue should be a revue of combat. An insolent, unfair, provocative revue. In short, partisan and scandalous. A revue that abandons the politique des auteurs for that of the fauteurs [troublemakers]. Fauteurs and even fouteurs de trouble [troublefuckers]. Thus a revue of youths, those youths upon whom a troubled vision of life, of their life, has been imposed. Thus, for those for whom the cinema once again becomes an existential necessity. A revue that would play favorites: on the part of the filmmakers: the function of seeing well (of presenting) in order to show; on the part of the revue: theorization, manifold reflections and their critiques in order to show that which has been seen well and felt well within a film. It’s a start from scratch: a moral, and therefore aesthetic, affair. Donc, d’une politique. [Therefore, a political affair. / Therefore, a politic matter. {i.e./c.f., la politique des auteurs} ]


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