Christopher Nolan – ‘Inception’ (teaser).

Nolan has never made a completely successful film, but when he doesn’t have to work on the dreck of the Batman series he can get close to something amazing. Sci-fi was the genre I most loved as a kid, but it consistently lets me down. Will this be the film I’ve wanted, the one I’ve carried in my head?


One response to “Christopher Nolan – ‘Inception’ (teaser).

  1. This looks like an interesting concept to do a movie about – from the little I’ve read and the brief trailer.

    Not being a movie critic or a sci-fi buff or a comic book guru, I have enjoyed the realistic aspect that Christopher Nolan has put into his movies, avoiding CGI in favor of live action, etc.; and the plausibility of the sequence of events that make up the plot line.

    I’m curious to see how a movie like this turns out – one that doesn’t have a preceding expectation like Batman or Terminator.

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