Luc Besson – ‘Adele Blanc Sec’ (trailer).

There’s just something about adventure stories that gets right at the heart of why I loved being a child. It’s what Messers Eggers and Jonze failed to see with their well intention but misguided Where the Wild Things Are film that stressed the dour nature of fantasy. Yes, childhood is filled with ignominies and pitfalls but there was time when someone could tell you that a dinosaur was flying over head and it was just so wonderfully real and exciting. I’ve long been a defender of Besson, though yes he certainly has an ample number of terrible films on his resume. But when Besson is on he gets at the wonderful reality in the fantastic. So the CG in this trailer is occasionally gamey and the comedy maybe overly broad, but first change I get you’ll find me in the audience. I want to cheer on our dashing heroine as she chases down that dinosaur in the sky.

(Oh and also it stars in part Mathieu Amalric and seriously I’d watch that guy peel potatoes for 10 minutes.)


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