Robert Mitchum was the most interesting man in the world (Dos Equis TM there).

Numbers are ages.

14- Arrested for vagrancy, put on a chain gang from which he ESCAPED!

19- Worked as a ghostwriter for an astrologer in Los Angeles

23- Works as a machine operator at Lockheed

24- Nervous breakdown, temporarily goes blind

25- Starts acting

28- Serves in WW2

29- Nominated for an Oscar

31- Busted for possession of marijuana. Serves a week in jail, which he described to a reporter as like “Palm Springs, but without the riffraff”

38- Fired after pulling a prank on set where he threw someone into the San Francisco Bay

38- Stars in Night of the Hunter. NIGHT OF THE HUNTER

40- Releases a calypso album!

45- Stars in Cape Fear

50- Releases a country album called That Man, Robert Mitchum, Sings

60- Hosts SNL

63- Voice of the “Beef- It’s What’s For Dinner” ad campiagn

75- Wins lifetime achievement Oscar

78- Final film role in a Norwegian film called Pakten


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