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Nathan Christ’s ECHOTONE.

Here’s a new trailer for my good friend Nathan Christ’s fantastic, beautiful documentary ECHOTONE about Austin’s music scene. Check it out!


Brian Eno is human.

In no particular order, the 10 worst tracks by other artists produced by or featuring Brian Eno, as selected by Frank Kearl and myself.

Public Enemy – ‘By the Time I Get to Arizona’ (music video).

I’m just sayin’.

Kukl – ‘Anna’ (music video 1984).

Two consecutive Bjork posts, I know. But this is from the “gothic rock” band that would eventually morph into the Sugarcubes. Wow.

Tappi Tíkarrass – ‘Hrollur’ (live 1982).

Bjork’s band from before the Sugarcubes. Yeah, nothing to say besides “holy shit” here.

The Human League – ‘Don’t You Want Me’ (music video).

Have I mentioned lately how much I love British synthpop? I have? Well screw you I really like British synthpop.

Jeff Mangum – ‘Oh, Comely’ (live 2010).

Mangum played a show in NYC last night to benefit his friend Chris Knox who recently had a stroke. This was the first time he’s played an entire set (and not just a song at the Elephant 6 anniversary shows) since 2001, where he played with Knox at a show in New Zealand.