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Mitchell & Webb Mac commercial.

Apparently the brilliant Mitchell and Webb are the faces of Apple’s Mac v. PC ads in the UK. I’m not a huge Peep Show fan, but That Mitchell and Webb Look is one of the best sketch comedy series I’ve seen lately. They’re all on Netflix Watch Instantly.


Tim and Eric – ‘Paul Rudd’s Computer’.

Now Tayne I can get in to.

Three unrelated things I like.

1. Kid Cudi – ‘Make Her Say’

2. Jacques Brel – ‘Mathilde’

3. Arrested Development, ‘Douche Chill’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ (from SNL).

Even if I quite hated 500 Days of Summer, I can’t help but think JGL is who I’d want to be if I was cool. Also: Singin’ In The Rain will never, ever get old.

Sesame Street attacks Fox News.

Love it.

James Franco on General Hospital.

I thought the idea of James Franco appearing on a soap opera was ridiculous, but now… Is Franco a genius? Or at least is his entire career one long in-joke that only he gets? All I know is that I want to watch General Hospital now, cause this looks hilarious.


Film Festivals and The Simpsons, Part 1.