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Sebastian Cabot – ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’ (Bob Dylan cover).

In 1967 the actor Sebastian Cabot (best known from the 60s TV series Family Affair) recorded an album of dramatic readings of Bob Dylan lyrics. Pop culture is weird.


Bob Dylan – ‘It’s Alright Ma’ (live at Budokan).

I think I like the silly, ‘fuck you I’m not the voice of a generation’ Dylan the best.

Bob Dylan – ‘Must Be Santa’ (music video).

In which Bob Dylan in a Tom Petty costume exchanges a knowing look with Father Christmas as we iris in.

Andy Warhol – ‘Screentest’ (Bob Dylan).

Excuse the fact that a Dylan song has been put on this video, destroying a bit of the purity of the screen tests.

She once was a true love of mine.