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Popular Cinema in Iran.

The polls are closed now in the Iranian election. Yes, I am excited about the Green Revolution but as was pointed out to me by my friend and nascent Iran expert Kevin Sullivan (who is an editor for RealClearWorld), we are still talking about a vibrant election within a set structure. Things will be better if Mousavi wins, but this isn’t red/blue situation. However progress is progress and I dream of easy travel to Tehran one day. Another hat-tip to Kevin for pointing me towards Tehran 24, a fantastic photoblog from inside Iran by photographer Amir Sadeghi. I especially love this set of photos about Ekhrajiha 2, a current Iranian blockbuster film. The first film seems to have been a tale of young men set before and during the 1988 Iran-Iraq war, I can’t seem to find out what this sequel is about. Anyone know? Some photo highlights from Amir’s post:

With Obama in the White House and possibly a reasonable man in office in Iran there is a chance to hope.



Another in my continuing series of rap from places where you wouldn’t think there would be rap:


Salome from Iran.