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‘Taris, roi de l’eau’ by Jean Vigo.

Vigo’s second film, commissioned after the success of A propos de Nice. Note Vigo’s use of a poetic, lyrical cinematic language even in this straightforward celebrity profile piece.

video originally posted to youtube by the invaluable Tom Sutpen.


La fin du L’Atalante.

Omissions: 5 movies I really should have seen by now.

Don’t think less of me… 5 movies I really should have seen by now.

1. L’ Atalante by Jean Vigo

2. La Dolce Vita by Frederico Fellini

3. Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray

4. My Darling Clementine by John Ford

5. The Conformist by Bernardo Bertolucci