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John Cale – ‘All My Friends’ (LCD Soundsystem cover).

Wow, I was not aware that this existed. John Cale(!) covering my (everybody’s) favorite LCD Soundsystem song.


John Cale – ‘I Keep a Close Watch’ (live 1982).

How I managed to live 25 years before discovering the solo career of John Cale boggles my mind.

John Cale – ‘Paris, 1919’ (live with full orchestra).

The production on this clip is insane, but god I wish I had been at this performance.

Bonus Final Fantasy cover:

John Cale, Chrissy Hynde and Nick Cave – ‘Ship of Fools’.

John Cale – ‘Fear is a Man’s best Friend’.

This clip has two performances, one from ’83 and one from ’84. Both are brilliant, but the first is also devastating.

John Cale on a gameshow in the 60s.