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C.W. McCall – ‘Convoy’.

America- it’s a really weird place. I’m certain I’d heard this song before, somewhere in my youth of listening to classic rock radio, but the absolutely bizarre nature of it really hit me as it came on as I drove to work this morning. This story song about outlaw truckers, which is a spoken word piece for most of its running time, was the #1 song in America on January 11, 1976. So popular in fact that it inspired a film 2 years later directed by no less than Sam Peckinpah. The video above is the trailer for that film that runs a staggering 4 minutes. Why? Because they were certain people would remain interested through the entire thing due to the presence of the complete song. For further reading, take a look at the song’s shockingly well researched wikipedia page. Crazy, huh?


The end of the west and the people left over.

Here’s the first 7 minutes of Sam Peckinpah’s criminally under-rated Junior Bonner. Along with The Last Picture Show, Bonner really understands living in a small town in the southwest. The desperation, sadness and the pomp and circumstance that is used to hide it all.