Hi, my name’s Jesse.

This started out as a thing now it is another thing.

It will never be as good as the films of Godard and Cassavetes, or the writing of David Foster Wallace, or the music of Tom Waits and the Velvet Undergound, or Achewood.

But it’s mine.


5 responses to “About

  1. It probably will be as good as the music of Godard and Cassavetes…

  2. Gotta admit, I love the title.

  3. Yes, mainly the early work of Men at Work.

  4. I’ve been to that Waits site your father made about a thousand times. Must have been nice to grow up with a cat like your Dad. Hail to the chief of odd percussion.

  5. hi jessie – i saw you liked the Black Belles video. nice! i work w them and white stripes etc and a lot of other bands here at press here publicity.

    thought to see if you like Nicole Simone’s video. email me if you’d like more info…


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