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Wherein Žižek hits the nail on the fucking head.

…in the new global order, we no longer have wars in the old sense of a regulated conflict between sovereign states in which certain rules apply (humane treatment of prisoners, prohibition of certain weapons, etc.). What remains are ‘ethnic-religious conflicts’ which violate the rules of universal human rights, do not count as wars proper, and call for the ‘humanitarian’ intervention of the Western powers—even more so in the case of direct attacks on the U.S. or other representatives of the new global order, where, again, we do not have wars proper but merely ‘unlawful combatants’ criminally resisting the forces of universal order. Here, one cannot even imagine a neutral humanitarian organization like the Red Cross mediating between the warring parties, organizing an exchange of prisoners, and so on; one side in the conflict (the U.S.-dominated global force) already assumes the role of the Red Cross—it does not perceive itself as one of the warring sides, but as a mediating agent of peace and global order crushing particular rebellions and, simultaneously, providing humanitarian aid to ‘local populations.



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